S&P 500: Waiting for Mr Market to show his hand

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Last Friday was a miserably cold day in Interlaken where I was attending an investment conference. It was also a so-called 90% down-day for American stock markets (and many other bourses also recorded downward dynamics). Where does this leave us at this juncture? read on … […]

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Jeremy Grantham: Have cash, wait for stocks to fall

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Jeremy Grantham, chief investment strategist of Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo (GMO), recently made a rare television appearance when interviewed by CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo. In this extended interview, Grantham shares his views on markets, the economy and his investment strategy. This is must-view material. […]

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“Being shocked by the implications of QE2 re ‘printing money’ and ‘debt monetization’ hypocritical,” says Kasriel

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In this post, economist Paul Kasriel provides his take on the implications of QE2. […]

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Quantitative Easing 101

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This video puts humorous spin on the otherwise difficult-to-digest process of quantitative easing. I guess as long as we can laugh, there is a modicum of hope … […]

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Japanese Q3 2010 GDP growth hit out of the ballpark but set to fall flat next quarter

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The Japanese economy grew 3.9% at a seasonally-adjusted annualized rate in Q3 2010 and over 2X the pace in Q2 2010. Click through for economist Rebecca Wilder’s analysis. […]

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Gary Shilling on deflation

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In this clip, Michael Pento interviews Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Schilling & Co., on why deflation is in fact a grave threat to the American economy. […]

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