Face to face with Howard Marks

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Howard Marks, chairman of private equity firm Oaktree Capital, talks to Henny Sender, FT’s chief correspondent of international finance, about how he has played the credit markets in 2010 and why he thinks it isn’t time for heavy risk-taking. […]

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FT’s top 12 business books of 2010

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Financial Times critics have just picked their favorite business and economics books of 2010, as listed in this post. […]

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David Einhorn – “Tread cautiously” (transcript)

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I published Consuelo Mack’s interview with David Einhorn, President of the long-short, value-oriented hedge fund Greenlight Capital, a few days ago. The good news is that the transcript has just been published and a link is provided in this post. […]

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Blackrock boss Larry Fink defends QE2

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Larry Fink, the chief executive of Blackrock, the worlds largest money manager, tells the FT’s Henny Sender that the US economy is improving but still has a long road toward recovery and warns about the remaining possibility of a double dip. He holds concerns about the politicizing of the Federal Reserve, as well as worrying that European debt crisis could get much worse. […]

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Quote du Jour: Keynes on “reputation”

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Keynes’ oft-cited “reputation” quotation bears careful consideration … […]

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Dennis Gartman’s top 3 trades for 2011

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In the volatile currency and commodity markets, investors may be pondering their next move. With more than 30 years’ of experience trading in this area, Dennis Gartman shares his top three trades for 2011. […]

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