Damned if you do – or don’t

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“The obvious risk from sovereign stress is default. A more subtle, but pervasive, risk is that the threat of sovereign stress encourages a too-rapid tightening of fiscal policy. Tighter fiscal policy will likely be a headwind for developed-world growth next year. Excess tightening could lead to double-dip,” argues Gerard Minack of Morgan Stanley in this guest contribution. […]

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Bernanke addresses business leaders in Ohio

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The video clip below features Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke holding a “Conversation on the Economy” with business leaders in Columbus, Ohio. […]

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South Africa to be victim or beneficiary?

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By Cees Bruggemans, Chief Economist of FNB.

A news item drew my attention. Citigroup Global Chief Economist Willem Buiter opinioned that “the euro zone turmoil may be the ‘opening act’ of a global sovereign debt crisis that could soon infect the US and Japan”.

Willem has aired such […]

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Laugh out Loud: This holiday season’s hottest item …

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Will this afternoon’s payroll data bring better tidings? […]

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