Global economy – yes, it’s growing

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This post features an interesting interactive “Recession Status Map”. […]

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Jim O’Neill – Goldman’s vocal bull

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People are reacting to every sign of bad news in the market as though it were the outlier of another financial crisis, says Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sachs Asset Management chairman. In this CNBC interview, he explains why he is increasingly optimistic about the outlook for 2011. […]

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Quote du Jour: Rising oil = head wind

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The crude oil price has been scaling new recovery highs over the past few days and indications are that the trend is solidly up. Although oil is marching higher as a result of increased demand, an increasing price also represents a head wind for the economy – almost like an additional tax. […]

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Hulbert’s top advisers bullish on 2011

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Mark Hulbert says the advisers that he tracks who have the best records are now very bullish. […]

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Picture du Jour: Stock market rally – long in the tooth?

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Comparing the inflation-adjusted performance of the S&P 500 for 2000 to present with 1929 to 1949 makes for interesting reading … […]

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Stock market outlook: If past is a prologue …

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In a recent note CitiGroup highlighted the three past market environments that most closely resembled the current environment. Unlike just about every commentator in the world right now, they believe January and 2011 could have some surprises in store for us. […]

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