December 2010 Manufacturing PMIs: Expansion accelerating!

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The manufacturing PMIs for December indicate that the rate of expansion in the global manufacturing sector is accelerating. Read on for the full analysis … […]

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China will go too far tightening rates, says Jim Rogers

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China will likely over-tighten policy as it grapples with inflation, providing good buying opportunities in 2011, says Jim Rogers. […]

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Gold’s mania phase still ahead

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After a $325 rise in 2010, gold bullion yesterday suffered its steepest one-day loss since July – down by $34 at the U.S. close after an intra-day low of -$40. Does this mark the end of the ten-year bull market? Or was it just a question of heavy profit-taking after performance gaming at the end of December? […]

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Stock market valuation indicators signal caution

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Whichever way one looks at the stock market at the moment, it is hard not to conclude that the nascent bull run is overextended in the short term – overvalued from a fundamental point of view, overbought from a technical perspective and overbullish as far as the sentiment indicators go. […]

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Mobius: Which emerging markets for 2011?

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When investing in China, Mark Mobius, executive chairman at Templeton Emerging Markets Group, recommends looking at the country’s oil and gas as well as consumer sectors. He shares his investment strategy for emerging markets this year with CNBC. […]

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Faber: Equities to correct in January; gold and silver to soar in 2011

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It is always interesting and thought-provoking to hear the views of Marc Faber, writer of the “Gloom Boom & Doom Report”. Click through for his latest comments … […]

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