Markets in review (January 3–7, 2011)

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The past week’s performances of the major asset classes reflect a set of numbers indicating a rather mixed-up picture vacillating between “risk-on” and “risk-off” trades. Read on for a round-up. […]

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Max Kaiser: Face to face with Karl Denninger

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Max Keiser’s guest this week is Karl Denninger, founder of, giving some rather downbeat predictions on the US economy for 2011. […]

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Sentiment Signals: A call for caution

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Sentiment indicators are fairly blunt instruments from a timing point of view and can stay at high / low levels for extended periods. However, when companies are overvalued and technical indicators overbought, overbullish sentiment indicators complete a threesome of tools arguing quite strongly for a cautious approach to stock market investment. […]

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Live master class with Trader Vic

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I thought some my New York-based readers might be interested in attending a master class presented by highly-acclaimed trader Victor Sperandeo, aka Trader Vic. Click through for details … […]

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Has the U.S. lost control of it’s debts?

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Has America lost control of it’s debts, with President Obama not cutting spending in any meaningful way, and the military and “TSA” spending spiralling upwards? […]

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Jobs report: QE3 – a matter of when?

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“I think with this latest employment report, it looks like QE3 could be just a question of when, and there’s no way Fed would cut QE2 early as some speculated. That, of course, will evolve into a total beast by itself later on,” said Dian Chu in this guest contribution. […]

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