Prediction du Jour: Oil will hit $200 a barrel, says Rogers

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The price of oil could surge above $200 a barrel, more than doubling from present levels, according to Jim Rogers (via Investment Week). As concerns about oil reserves running out heighten, he believes we will see another dramatic rise in price.

“Maybe there is a lot of oil in the world, but if there is, we don’t know where it is or how to get to it,” he says.

I have no idea whether we will see $200, but oil above $100 will certainly start creating a headwind for the economic recovery.

Source: Investment Week, January 21, 2011.

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2 comments to Prediction du Jour: Oil will hit $200 a barrel, says Rogers

  • nandarani

    6 to 9 months or by year’s end $150 or higher per Lindsey Williams from globalist oil ceo informant. How soon depends on how awake and angry American’s become. If they awaken too soon, the process will be slowed down. Look for Lindsey’s material on youtube or alex jones Lindsey was pastor in residence on the Alaska {ipeline 30+ years ago and has been the recipient of two globalist oil ceo’s information over the years since. One of them just died, Eric Fromm, former ceo AR I think. The other informant, also retired but from an even more powerful position, continues to communicate with Lindsey with the sole purpose of providing information. Globalists have one code of honor which is that, even obscurely, they feel they must ALWAYS reveal ahead of time the agenda. Lindsey has never received information from his informants that did not come true. Some things cannot be proven yet however: the BP oil disaster was not as many believe it to be, nor Katrina, which was created to destroy New Orleans (weather control has been a fact for quite some time). Rebuilding is not being allowed in the GUlf because the globalists want the entire area to be devoted to oil, without a population. FACT: admissions on youtube videos by people in control of policy to prevent rebuilding caught on tape.

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