How to profit during monetary crises, according to Jim Rogers

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In this video clip, investor Jim Rogers sits down with Judge Andrew Napolitano to discuss profit strategies during monetary crises.

Rogers said: “… what you have to do is you have to find things that will protect your assets real assets silver rice natural gas something that will hold its value in an inflationary time … I do it two ways: I own gold and silver coins in my hand in my house in my box; I also own gold and silver futures that’s another way to do it.”

He also commented Fed as follows: “Bernanke, he does not understand finance, economics and currencies; all he understands is printing money and now we have giving him the printing presses he has run those printing presses as fast as he can …”

Source: Freedom Watch (via YouTube), February 7, 2011 (hat tip: Global Investor Blog).

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7 comments to How to profit during monetary crises, according to Jim Rogers

  • Peter J. Nickitas


    Good discussion with Mr. Rogers on central banks and the case of Ireland. Please contrast Ireland with Iceland, whose leaders and people killed the banks who ran up ruinous debts as opposed to bailing out the banks. You sell your viewers short by not continuing the discussion about Ireland with the contrasting example of Iceland. Why? Is it in your interest simply to get viewers mad, without discussing a working alternative? Please advise.

  • Political Atheist

    Two of my favorites, Jim Rogers and da Judge!

  • A good discussion…..however Jim is not necessarily giving what I would call sound advice right now….buy the dips he is saying? How low? How much? As much as I like Jim and respect him he has been riding the commodity market boom for a longn time now and has made lots of profits along the way. How many will buy at the top and sell at the bottom? We have a long way to go in the commodity run? Well….maybe and who am I to question him but I see people getting whacked right now if they do this. As for unemployment for three years??? Purely moronic. All that serves to do is cripple self-esteem in the unemployed more than it already is. It takes away incentive….and adds no benefit. I am a humane person but this is foolish. Where is the lesson for these people?

  • John

    Lets talk about the largest fraud in history. Please google CMKX vs SEC and read what al hodges and associates filed in california court a bivens class action lawsuit for 3.87 trillion dollars against the sec, hedgefunds, the largest financial banks and brokers along with market makers. The government is trying to cover this up. Please read the lawsuit and realize that this fraud goes on everyday.

  • Frank

    About as good a discussion as possible in just over 6 minutes. To understand the evils of central banking & fiat currency (currency backed by nothing of intrinsic value) I suggest strongly everyone read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. The creature is the Federal Reserve ( US Central Bank) that was concocted in secret at that location & later put into law. It is destroying the value of the US Dollar and has failed on all its mandates given to it by Congress. Its purpose is to protect the big bankers from their bad investments & pass the bills onto the US taxpayers. It also gives Congressmen an unlimited supple of money to “buy” votes with for re-election. In the end, it will destroy both the US Dollar & the US taxpayer and lead to financial ruin.

  • bruce miner

    Please tell me who can live off unemployment payments ?



  • It’s surprising to hear Jim say that the only reason unemployment was extended for three years was to get votes. While I agree that that is partially true, I wish he had come down on the same individuals who are getting the tax breaks to create jobs and are not doing it.

    His investment advice is sound, for sure. And I have followed it to great success. Fiat currencies always die, and the Fed is helping the dollar along that path with zeal, intended, or not!

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