QE2 – an unmitigated disaster?

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“The real fear and irony is that once the full effects of QE2 are realized in the US economy, that we start reacting to inflationary effects both through tightening monetary policy and consumer/business behavioral changes, and the US starts giving back some of its recent economic gains, and becomes vulnerable to the very scenario that the Fed was trying to avert in the first place, a double dip, deflationary downturn in the economy,” said Dian Chu in this guest post. […]

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Future of the Brics

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For several months, developed markets have outperformed emerging markets and for four years now the Brics grouping (Brazil, Russia, India and China) has done no better than emerging markets generally. In this video clip, FT Lex’s John Authers and Vincent Boland look at the future of the Brics investment strategy and the alternatives. […]

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Laugh out Loud: Economy off the ground …

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A picture speaks a thousand words … […]

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SA growth model perhaps not what it seems

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The article below is a guest contribution by Prof P.D.F. Strydom.

When thinking about South Africa’s growth potential and the presently favoured policy approach, it may assist our understanding by not following conventional channels of systemisation.

The South African government appears to have a clear sense of what […]

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