Great Tohoku earthquake: impact on global markets

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This post provides an analysis of the implications of the earthquake in Japan for the global economy and financial markets. […]

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Ex-Goldman Sachs analyst: “Major war” coming end of 2012

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When cycle forecaster Charles Nenner told the Fox Business network that the Dow Jones was set to collapse to the 5,000 level on the back of a “major war” that will shake the globe at the end of 2012, hosts David Asman and Elizabeth MacDonald sat in stunned silence. Nenner, a former […]

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Technical Talk: Increasing volatility negative for stocks

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Technical analyst Kevin Lane provides an update on the “condition” of stock markets. […]

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How to cure U.S. budget “stupidity”

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Debt Commission chairmen Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson say a country that borrows 40 cents for every dollar it spends is “stupid”. […]

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$5 gasoline by Japan quake?

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“The fallout on the fuel market will be severe following the 9.0 Japanese earthquake on Friday, March 11. 2011, since Japan will have to supplement their nuclear energy power production with coal, natural gas and oil-fired power plants,” according to energy experts Dian Chu and Bob van der Valk. […]

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Global oil market facing a “sea change”, says Yergin

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In an interview with David Wessel, Daniel Yergin, author of “The Prize,” states that the turmoil in the Middle East is a “sea change” for the global oil market and that the U.S. and emerging markets are most economically vulnerable to rising oil prices. […]

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