Ex-Goldman Sachs analyst: “Major war” coming end of 2012

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When cycle forecaster Charles Nenner told the Fox Business network that the Dow Jones was set to collapse to the 5,000 level on the back of a “major war” that will shake the globe at the end of 2012, hosts David Asman and Elizabeth MacDonald sat in stunned silence. Nenner, a former technical analyst for Goldman Sachs, is head of the Charles Nenner Research Center, which purports to be able to predict market trends with a computer program based around pattern forecasting and securities analysis. Nenner predicted the stock market and housing collapse over two years before the fall of Lehman Brothers.

Source: Fox Business News (via YouTube), March 11, 2011 (hat tip: Financial Doom Blog).

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3 comments to Ex-Goldman Sachs analyst: “Major war” coming end of 2012

  • Chris Kane

    I guess it’s totally unimportant for these two FOX dolts to ask, like, “…War? With WHOM? And, WHERE?” I mean, we all know wars do break out. Just ask the Libyans. The question is do we care? Just ask Obama. “Hey, Barry! Is it golf or are we off to Martha’s Vineyard?” But, I mean, let’s say the ‘major way’ is scheduled for the Korean peninsula or, oh I don’t know, Iran rolling into Iraq? Or, maybe China invading Formosa. But, no. Predicting a war in a couple of years is maybe like predicting an earthquake in California. Anyone can do that. So what’s the point, Mr. Goldman Sachs Nenner? Are you going for National Security Director?

  • Richard

    Chris, my thougths exactly!! The man’s just told you there are aliens under his bed and all you can think to ask is, “What color are the sheets on your bed?”
    “War with whom?” “Where?” “Is this a ‘world’ war or a regional event?” And how about, “Are you totally out of the markets between now and Dow 5,000? If not, what’s you new bottom?” “Does this projection create opportunities in other asset classes (oil, commodities, metals…) and when?”
    To watch Fox, CNBC… interview guys like Nenner and Telab (Black Swan) gives me a headache.

  • Eric

    Death of bin Laden (another black swan?)
    Will money borrowed get repaid (another black Swan?)
    Institutional indiscriminate punishment, including killing at a distance without regard for law, decency or morals (another black swan?)
    Abusing international currency and trust (another black swan?)
    Persistent manipulation of world markets including derivatives
    Inevitable slow collapse of natural systems and available worldwide resources
    Hoarding by a privileged elite

    Take your pick for War with whom?

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