March 15 FOMC Meeting – Fed somewhat more bullish

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The Fed’s latest assessment of the U.S. economy is more bullish compared with its view published in January. With the regard to the overall economy, the Fed indicated that the “economic recovery is on a firmer footing.” In January, the Fed noted that the “economic recovery is continuing.” Labor market conditions are now described as “improving gradually” vs. the view at the prior meeting when the recovery was viewed “insufficient to bring about a significant improvement in labor market conditions.” […]

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Bob Quartermain: The constraints on silver supply

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At the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit, Bob Quartermain, a 35-year mining veteran, spoke about the constraints facing silver supply today. He said: “Mine supply doesn’t meet demand and in many of the new applications silver isn’t being recycled, so it’s not going to come back into the scrap supply chain … We’ll have to go out and find new mines or new sources for silver; and that can only speak to higher prices.” […]

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Laugh out Loud: Obama – so many balls in the air …

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A picture speaks a thousand words … […]

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