Is U.S. inflation nearing a cyclical peak?

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The ISM PMIs for March indicate continued upward price pressures in the US economy. My GDP-weighted PMI (manufacturing and non-manufacturing combined) seems to indicate that the CPI inflation rate is heading for 4% in the coming months. Read on … […]

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Shiller & Siegel: Is the stock market overvalued?

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Weighing in on whether the bullish market is too much of a good thing, with Robert Shiller, Yale economics professor and Jeremy Siegel, Wharton finance professor. […]

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Jeremy Grantham: Time to wake up – days of abundant resources and falling prices are over forever

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Jeremy Grantham has become a familiar and very popular face on this site. For those treasuring his insight, wisdom and prescient calls, the co-founder and chairman of Boston-based GMO has just published the 1Q 2011 edition of his newsletter. As the title above implies, his report discusses the effects of our dwindling natural resources on the prices of commodities in the context of a rising world population. […]

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Face to face with Marc Faber on U.S. budget deficit, dollar and precious metals

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n this three-part interview, Marc Faber, editor of the “The Gloom Boom & Doom Report”, offers his views on how to tackle the U.S. budget deficit, as well as how that is affecting his U.S. investment strategy. He also discusses the outlook for the U.S. dollar and how that will impact the price of gold and silver. […]

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Commodities – climbing the wall of worry

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As commodity prices scale new peaks, some pundits are questioning whether the nascent bull is nearing a cyclical peak. Not yet, argues BCA Research in a recent research note. […]

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Inflation: “Fed and government are out of control,” says Fleckenstein

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In this interview, Bill Fleckenstein of Fleckenstein Capital argues there is no such thing as good inflation and the Fed and government are out of control. […]

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