Laugh out Loud: The lousy economy …

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Source: Bob Gorrell,, May 4, 2011.

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2 comments to Laugh out Loud: The lousy economy …

  • D. Wallace

    Wrong president. Neither funny nor true.
    Bush was handed a surplus. He…
    * gave an unwarranted tax cut to the rich
    * started an indefensible war with Iraq which he refused to even account for much less pay for.
    * added an unfunded entitlement and allowed big Pharma to stick sick Americans with the highest drug prices in the world.
    * created the indifferent regulatory climate which led directly to the gulf oil spill, the housing bubble and the near collapse of the banking system.
    * added trillions to the national debt.

  • Obama: “And now, for my next act, the summer of SICKLINESS and SORRY!”

    Now that he’s created $3.5 trillion of new debt in 2 years, he’s going to sink us into a quagmire of malaise. He’s growing our debt at 12% per annum to sustain an economy growing at a paltry 1.8% per annum as of Q1.
    And now that the Fed has promised to quit flooding Wall Street with newly-created monetary mayhem, we’re about to find out what all that misplaced fiscal and monetary irresponsibility has bought us — nothing but INTEREST payments for the next century, and nothing but economic infirmity with which to pay it!

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