US inflation at peak, gold to lose momentum?

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It is difficult to see gold continuing its strong momentum, especially in light of an expected peaking of the US CPI inflation rate. The oil price has to continue rising strongly to ensure a substantial further rise in the gold price, unless another global financial disaster strikes. […]

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Where is Leon Cooperman investing $6 billion?

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Renowned hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman thinks the S&P 500 Index could climb to the 1,425 level by year-end. Energy and technology stocks will likely propel the index to that level. […]

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Slow relief at the pump as gasoline decouples from crude oil

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In this post, market analyst and trader Dian Chu reviews the outlook for oil and gasoline. […]

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Ritholtz: Slow growth the new normal

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FusionIQ CEO and Director of Equity Research Barry Ritholtz says brace yourself for years of anemic growth as the economy recovers from a debt binge. He also slams so-called “deficit peacocks” who strut their stuff on trimming the budget but don’t really tackle the problem. […]

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U.S. debt ceiling: Facts and thoughts

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“We strongly believe a political compromise will be reached and that default will be an imaginary case study,” said Asha Bangalore in this topical guest post. […]

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Wealthtrack: Jim Bianco & Thyra Zerhusen on winning strategies

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This week on Wealthtrack, Consuelo Mack discusses winning strategies with two investment pros: research maven Jim Bianco of Bianco Research and Aston/Fairpointe Mid Cap Fund lead manager Thyra Zerhusen, one of Smart Money magazine’s “World’s Greatest Investors.” […]

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