Chinese stocks – when to buy?

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Despite my concerns and pessimism about China in the short term, it looks if June could herald buying time for Chinese equities during the seasonal lull of the CFLP manufacturing PMI … […]

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William Black on Wall Street fraud

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Former banking regulator William Black speaks about rackets and fraud in the financial sector. He says Wall Street’s fraudulent CEOs looted with impunity, were left in power, and were granted their fondest wish when Congress, at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce, Fed Chairman Bernanke, and the bankers’ trade associations, successfully extorted the professional Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to turn the accounting rules into a farce. […]

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Technical Talk: Daily update (Wednesday, May 25, 2011)

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Adam Hewison, charting strategist of, brings you another edition of his invaluable service of daily technical updates on the ups and downs of various markets. This short analysis is a great tool for keeping one’s finger on the pulse and timing the markets. Click through to hear his latest views on gold (short-, medium- and long-term buy), silver (more recovery potential, possibly to $42), the US Dollar Index (short-term toppish, long term negative), the CRB Index (breaking out of trading range – to upside), crude oil (taken out resistance at $100, further upside potential), and the S&P 500 Index (primary trend up, possibly further short-term bounce). […]

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Jim Rogers, where do you see new opportunities?

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BBC’s Stephen Sackur talks to one of the world’s most influential investors. Aged five, Jim Rogers was selling peanuts for profit; he became a hedge fund pioneer, a commodities trader and, years ago, he shifted much of his money, and his family too, out of the US and into Asia.

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Rebound of new home sales impressive, but level still close to record low

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The April report of new home sales shows an improvement in terms of higher median price, lower inventory of unsold homes, and an increase in sales. However, a near term sustained increase in home sales is unlikely until a sustained drop of the employment rate emerges. […]

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David Stockman on the deficit/debt debate

By Prieur du Plessis, on May 26th, 2011 posted in: Economy, US Leave your comment
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David Stockman, budget director under President Reagan, appeared on Bloomberg Television to discuss the latest developments in the deficit/debt debate. […]

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