Richard Russell: Fair chance that most of bear market is behind us

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I do not always agree with 86-year old Richard Russell, author of the Dow Theory Letters, but there is no disputing that his commentary provides food for thought. Click through for his latest views on the stock market. […]

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5 money bets “Dr. Doom” is placing now

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Marc Faber, the famed investor who is nicknamed “Dr. Doom”, is bullish on equities in relationship to treasuries, and gold which he sees as alternative currency. […]

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Stock market – is the bear at the door?

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In the short term, I expect equities to not only bounce but also carry higher on an intermediate (two-three month) horizon. However, it is not yet possible to know whether the fat lady of the 30-month bull market has made her appearance. The nature of the rally, especially to what extent up-days are supported by solid volume, would, among others, provide a clue as to whether the cyclical bull is still alive and kicking. […]

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Barton Biggs: Market plunge is “computer-driven”

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Traxis Partners’ Barton Biggs argues that the market plunge is driven by computerized-selling. For long-term investors, the market sell-offs could present an opportunity. However, he’s not currently buying, said Mr. Biggs. […]

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Join me on Facebook and Twitter for 24/7 investment snippets

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As mentioned previously, I have started posting quite regularly on Facebook and Twitter – anything from five to 15 messages a day. The items are always concerned with topical economic and financial market issues, web links and graphs, and rarely about useless personal stuff.

The social media sites fill a […]

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Global economy – dangerously close to recession

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From Joachim Fels and Manoj Pradhan of Morgan Stanley: “We are cutting our global GDP growth forecasts by a combined full percentage point in 2011-12, to 3.9% from 4.2% in 2011, and to 3.8% from 4.5% in 2012. We now see growth in the developed market (DM) economies averaging only 1.5% this year and next (down from 1.9% and 2.4% previously) – markedly more sluggish than the 20-year trend growth rate in DM of 2.3%, and more than a full percentage point below the 2.6% rate in 2010 when the world rebounded from the Great Recession. While we had been calling for a BBB recovery in DM all along, the path now looks even more bumpy, below-par and brittle than previously thought.” […]

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