Crisis Chartbook

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Everybody is asking where to now with the global financial markets. I thought it was worthwhile comparing the current behavior of the financial markets with the two recent crises, namely the great financial crisis of 2008/2009 and the minor one in 2010 when the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone developed. […]

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Feldstein: “As bad an expansion as I’ve ever seen”

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Martin Feldstein says there is a “nontrivial” chance the U.S. economy will turn down again and calls the recovery “about as bad an expansion as I’ve ever seen”. In an interview with WSJ’s Kelly Evans, the Harvard economist offers his prescriptions for growth. […]

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China currency bill: politics vs. economics

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“Frankly, in light of the U.S. debt and deficit shamble, lawmakers would be much better off focusing on cleaning the fiscal house (and not to repeat the embarrassing debt ceiling debate to get yet another sovereign credit downgrade), instead of spending precious time and energy taking on China and/or any of the trading partners over currency valuation,” said Dian Chu in this pertinent guest post. […]

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Face to face with Ben Davies on gold and more

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Eric King of King World News recently conducted an excellent interview with Ben Davies, CEO of Hinde Capital and one of the top up-and-coming fund managers in the gold, silver and commodities arena. […]

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Euroland: Market discipline or market instability?

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“To restore confidence in euro area government bond markets and to allow market discipline to work better in future, I propose a tiered issuance scheme for government bonds, where only the senior tranche is backed by a lender of last resort and the junior tranche(s) can be restructured relatively easily,” said Elga Bartsch of Morgan Stanley in this thoughtful guest contribution. […]

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U.S. stocks “very attractive,” Russell’s Wood says

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Stephen Wood, the New York-based chief market strategist for Russell Investments, talks about the outlook for U.S. corporate earnings and equities, and some of his industry picks. […]

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