Bernanke has been a total disaster, says Jim Rogers

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“Everything he [Bernanke] has done in Washington over the past seven or eight years has been totally wrong and a total disaster and he has never been right about anything,” investor and author told CNBC.

Source:  CNBC, November 9, 2011.

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1 comment to Bernanke has been a total disaster, says Jim Rogers

  • Frank W

    I’m not sure that anyone or anything is totally wrong over the long term. However, I will admit this about Bernanke. Doing the “Twist” is not going to get us out of this hole. Twisting might have been great during the ’60s, but it is currently out of place now. Leave the twisting to Chubby! What the financial Twist accomplishes is to depress longer term interest rates in relation to shorter term interest rates. In other words the stupid idiot is flattening the yield curve and slanting it more toward inversion. Inverted yield curves cause recessions. We need growth not another recession. This guy seems bereft of even the simplest concepts in financial theory. We will get another recession in the not too distant future and I hope Wall Street and Congress hangs it around Helicopter’s neck.

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