Prieur’s Podcast: Chinese stocks – a glimmer of hope?

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After a series of six consecutive lower lows, the Chinese Shanghai Composite Index formed a so-called key day reversal on Friday. Click through for the full story … […]

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Striking portfolio balance with gold stocks

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“If you haven’t already completed your annual portfolio rebalancing, this may be an opportune time to recalibrate your portfolio with gold stocks,” argues Frank Holmes in this guest contribution. […]

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Richard Bernstein’s picks for 2012

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In this video clip, Richard Bernstein, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Richard Bernstein Advisors, offers his top stock picks and investment themes for 2012. […]

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Investor Sentiment: Santa Claus Rally

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This post reviews stock market sentiment based on asset data as opposed to opinion polls. […]

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Face to face with Jim Rickards on markets

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Eric King of King World News recently conducted a superb interview with James Rickards on die lie of the financial land. Rickards is a writer, lawyer and economist with over 30 years’ experience in global capital markets. He is Senior Managing Director at Omnis, a consulting firm in McLean, VA. […]

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Interest rates: A multi-year history

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This post shares fascinating multi-year charts of short-term interest rates and Treasury Bonds. […]

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