Laugh out Loud: We’re outta bullets, say Feds

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Source: Ken Catalino,, December 17, 2011.

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1 comment to Laugh out Loud: We’re outta bullets, say Feds

  • dante

    cry out loud….

    Laurie Ferber: MF Global Chief Legal Counsel, on CFTC Global Markets Advisory Committee. Where Was She?

    A little more background: Ferber spent most of her career at Goldman Sachs – 21 years. And like many, English surmises that “Ferber was likely placed at MF Global in 2009 by J. Christopher Flowers, one of Global’s largest shareholders and also Goldman alum. This would have paved the way for ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine to take the helm in February 2010.” That was a long standing opinion heard in the halls of MF Global long before the collapse of the firm.

    Last week we missed Lauri: A board member of MF Global, Chief Legal Counsel, a participant in meetings with the CFTC along with with Mrs. Corzine; author of far-reaching effort to prevent tightening up of rule 1.25, and — which has not yet been reported — Ms. Ferber currently sits on the CFTC Global Markets Advisory Committee. (Shades of Trustee Giddens sitting on the SIPC Modernization Task Force, anyone?)

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