Prieur on Radio: Launching “Investment Postcards Live!”

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I am very excited to announce my new talk radio show “Investment Postcards Live!” on Overseas Radio Network. The show will be about global financial markets, covering the economy, stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and gold. The content will be quite similar to my “Words from the Wise” blog posts that some veteran readers may still remember. Read on … […]

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NYT: I just got here, but I know trouble when I see it

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Is the cover of The New York Times Business section unduly negative and possibly a contrarian indicator? […]

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Wealthtrack: Robert Kessler – why Treasury bonds still make sense

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On this week’s WealthTrack, Consuelo Mack interviews Robert Kessler, a contrarian who has been proven right over the last decade. He explains why, after 40 years of outperforming the stock market, much vilified U.S. Treasury bonds will continue to be the safe haven investment for the foreseeable future. […]

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Case for a sustained $100 oil price

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“With more than 40% of the world’s oil controlled under autocratic rule, oil supply in democratic nations likely depends on the state of autocratic nations,” argues Frank Holmes in this guest post. […]

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Face to face with Jim Rickards on markets

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Eric King of King World News recently conducted a superb interview with Jim Rickards on die lie of the financial land. Rickards is a writer, lawyer and economist with over 30 years’ experience in global capital markets. […]

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Prieur’s Readings (January 2, 2012)

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As part of my daily routine, I publish all my reading (including snippets from other well-known commentators) in an Internet newspaper, “Investment Postcards Daily”. Click through to read the latest edition and register for a free subscription. […]

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