Europe: The 100 year echo and serial aftermaths

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In the meantime, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueble opinioned this week that there will not be a market crisis collapse in 2012 as the situation remains ‘controllable’, putting the focus not on markets but squarely on the structural needs of Europe. It suggests more creative tension and brinkmanship as Europe is forced to face up to its many realities, of the past generation, the past 100 years, indeed the past 400 years. “This could take at least a decade to fully resolve, this being the German position all along. But then they talk from deep experience,” said Cees Bruggemans in this thoughtful guest contribution. […]

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Keiser Report: Outrageous predictions for 2012

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert present a New Year’s special featuring outrageous predictions, bloopers and Berlusconi’s 2012 Bunga Bunga Guide to finance. They look back to some 2010 predictions that came true in 2011 and look at the future of European bank runs, rising US treasury yields and the Jim Rogers/Marc Faber Chinese showdown. […]

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“Dinner for One” – Sarkozy and Merkel

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In this YouTube satire, Nicolas Sarkozy becomes Angela Merkel’s tipsy butler. Germany’s cult New Year’s Eve show “Dinner For One” – where an increasingly drunken waiter tries to keep up with the demands of his eccentric mistress – has been reworked to feature German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy as her servant. […]

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Bob Farrell’s 10 rules for investing

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Wall Street “gurus” come and go, but in the case of Bob Farrell legend status was achieved. He retired in 1992, but his famous “10 Market Rules to Remember” have lived on and are summarized in this post. The words of wisdom are timeless and are especially appropriate as investors grapple with the difficult juncture at which stock markets find themselves at this stage. […]

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