Bespoke Roundtable 2012

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Bespoke Investment Group has just conducted a roundtable on the outlook for the economy and financial markets by surveying opinions from individuals that run 9 of “the most popular financial blogs/websites”. As the writer of the Investment Postcards blog, I am honored to have been included on the list of roundtable participants. […]

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“Dr Doom” Marc Faber: 2012 could see a major low in emerging stock markets

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In an interview on CNBC-TV18, Marc Faber, editor and publisher of The Gloom Boom & Doom Report, said although there could initially be some further weakness in emerging economies against the U.S. market, he expected a major low in emerging markets later this year. “I think we should invest in the U.S.; I say maybe that’s correct for the next three months or so but I would rather be looking at an entry point in markets like India over the next six to nine months,” he said. […]

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Global contraction arrested, according to manufacturing PMIs

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The contraction in global manufacturing sector was arrested in December. The slight improvement in the global manufacturing PMI that I calculate on a GDP-weighted basis for the major economic regions improved to 50.4 from 49.6 in November. Read on for a quick review. […]

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Prieur’s Readings (Jan 4, 2012)

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As part of my daily routine, I publish all my reading (including snippets from other well-known commentators) in an Internet newspaper, “Investment Postcards Daily”. Click through to read the latest edition and register for a free subscription. […]

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Daily market update (Jan 3, 2012): Is oil the new gold standard?

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Adam Hewison, charting strategist of INO/Market Club, brings you another edition of his invaluable service of daily technical market updates. These analyses give you an overall perspective of market conditions, highlight a few key movers, and discuss how current events are affecting investment strategy. Click through to hear Adam’s latest views on gold, silver, the US Dollar Index, the CRB Index, crude oil and the S&P 500 Index. […]

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Poll Results: Equity Bulls = Bears

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This post reports the results of a quick poll to gauge sentiments on the 2012 closing level of the S&P 500 Index. […]

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