Bespoke Roundtable 2012

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Bespoke Investment Group has just conducted a roundtable on the outlook for the economy and financial markets by surveying opinions from individuals that run nine of “the most popular financial blogs/websites”. As the writer of the Investment Postcards blog, I am honored to have been included on the list of roundtable participants.

Each participant was asked to respond to the same 37 questions regarding their 2012 outlook as well as their take on 2011.

To start off the roundtable, Bespoke created a matrix highlighting prognostications for various asset classes in 2011. Not all participants took part in this section of the Q&A, but the ones that did are included in the matrix below. As shown, the consensus view the consensus view is that the S&P 500 will be up in 2012, the long bond and corporates will be down (yield up), junk bonds will be up, both gold and oil will be up, U.S. home prices will be up, and China’s stock market will be up. Based on the majority of responses, the Roundtable has “risk on” in 2012!

Please click here to view the 2012 Bespoke Roundtable. (And click here to learn more about Bespoke.)

Source: Bespoke Investment Group, January 3, 2012.

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4 comments to Bespoke Roundtable 2012

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  • Rob

    May we see the predictions from previous years?
    Thank you.

  • Kent

    Mr. Prieur du Plessis, I thoroughly enjoy your postcards and commend you for rounding up interesting investment information in addition to sharing your own thoughts. Back on November 28, 2011 you had a link to an interview with JP Morgan strategist Thomas Lee. Lee was predicting the S&P to hit 1350 before year’s end. I would love to see a follow-up from Lee on where he thinks he went wrong, as well as all those others whose predictions (yes, there are plenty) may or may not have been realized. As you well know the problem with predicting markets is statistics and fundamentals along with $1.50 will buy you a cup of coffee and not much else in this emotionally driven marketplace.

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