Prieur’s Readings (Jan 12, 2012)

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As part of my daily routine, I publish all my reading (including snippets from other well-known commentators) in an Internet newspaper, “Investment Postcards Daily”. Click here to read the latest edition of the paper.

The newspaper’s subscription is separate from that of the “Investment Postcards from Cape Town” blog. To ensure you receive daily alerts of the updated paper, click here and then subscribe for free by clicking on “Subscribe” (top right of newspaper, just below my photo) or by following me on twitter (click here).

Did you enjoy this post? If so, click here to subscribe to updates to Investment Postcards from Cape Town by e-mail.

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3 comments to Prieur’s Readings (Jan 12, 2012)

  • Bert McLachlan

    If we can get these here, please explain why the separate subscription is not just a duplication? Do you reply to these replies?

  • @Bert: Herewith my previous two replies to your comments:

    Submitted on 2012/01/09 at 5:49 pm | In reply to Bert McLachlan.
    @Bert: The content is vastly different, The “Investment Postcards from Cape Town” blog includes 6-8 items/day – fairly narrowly focused, whereas the “Investment Postcards Daily” includes 200 items/day, covering a much broader spectrum.
    When comparing the two sites, you will see the difference straightaway:
    “Investment Postcards from Cape Town” blog:
    “Investment Postcards Daily” newspaper:
    Please send me a screen print of the error message appearing on your screen. My IT people need to see that in order to locate the problem. My e-mail address is: info [at] investmentpostcards [dot] com

    Submitted on 2012/01/08 at 3:47 pm | In reply to Bert McLachlan.
    @Bert: This is a new one! I will ask my IT colleagues to look into it.
    As far as contacting me is concerned, there is a “Contact” button on the top horizontal menu (above the main banner of Table Mountain).

  • […] post? If so, click here to subscribe to updates to Investment Postcards from Cape Town by e-mail. Prieur’s Readings (Jan 12, 2012) was first posted on January 12, 2012 at 9:40 am.©2011 “Investment Postcards from Cape […]

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