Financial blog wars

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Josh Brown, writer of The Reformed Broker blog, this year again compiled a table of financial bloggers. Investment Postcards received the honor of being included in the “Jedi Masters” (big picture) category.

Josh commented as follows: “First, some caveats – I tried to include all the blogs I keep up with at least semi-regularly.  There may be some newer or less frequently updated blogs that aren’t here – please no hard feelings if we missed you, there’s always next year.  I also didn’t include all the tweeters and video bloggers, many of whom I consider to be great in their own right.”

Here’s the 2010 list.

Jedi Masters – Macroeconomics, Capitalism, Big Picture Wisdom

  1. The Big Picture
  2. Economists View
  3. Investment Postcards
  4. Calculated Risk
  5. Baseline Scenario
  6. Cafe Americain
  7. Bronte Capital
  8. Abnormal Returns
  9. Global Econ Trend Analysis
  10. Psy-Fi Blog
  11. Market-Ticker
  12. Naked Capitalism
  13. Infectious Greed
  14. Econbrowser
  15. Greg Mankiw’s Blog
  16. Interfluidity
  17. Marginal Revolution
  18. Carpe Diem
  19. The Capital Spectator
  20. Financial Armageddon
  22. Credit Writedowns
  23. Alea Blog
  24. Grasping Reality
  25. Bearish News
  26. Broke and Broker
  27. Gregor Macdonald
  28. Falkenblog
  29. Rortybomb
  30. Bonddad
  31. Rick Bookstaber
  32. Streetwise Professor
  33. Hedgeye

Droids – Technicals, Trading, Charting, Options, Quantitative Analysis

  1. Fund My Mutual Fund
  2. Bespoke Investment Group
  3. Charts and Coffee
  4. Upside Trader
  5. The Kirk Report
  6. Slope of Hope
  7. iBankCoin
  8. The Next Big Move
  9. Vix and More
  10. Daily Options Report
  11. Bill Cara
  12. Maoxian
  13. Quantifiable Edges
  14. Afraid To Trade
  15. AlphaTrends
  16. Condor Options
  17. Tickerville
  18. Surfview Capital
  19. SMB Capital
  20. Trading Wall Street
  21. Dynamic Hedge
  22. CXO Advisory
  23. Dragonfly Capital
  24. ChessNWine
  25. Themis Trading
  26. Mercenary Trader
  27. Investing With Options
  28. The Trend Rida
  29. Crosshairs Trader
  30. Ivanhoff Capital
  31. Attitrade
  32. Trader’s Narrative
  33. Evil Speculator
  34. Chicago Sean
  35. Bigger Capital

Jawas – Distressed Asset Salvage, Value Investing, Fundamental Research, Stockpicking

  1. Aleph Blog
  2. Crossing Wall Street
  3. Breakout Performance
  4. Greenbackd
  5. Investing Caffeine
  6. Dividend Growth Investor
  7. A Dash of Insight
  8. Jeff Matthews
  9. Market Folly
  10. The Pragmatic Capitalist
  11. Random Roger
  12. Value Plays
  13. ContrarianEdge
  14. My Investing Notebook
  15. New Rules of Investing
  16. EconomPic Data
  17. Climateer Investing
  18. The Altucher Confidential
  19. Humble Student of the Markets
  20. Derek Hernquist
  21. The Basis Point
  22. World Beta
  23. Research Puzzle
  24. Barbarian Capital
  25. Insider Monkey
  26. Fat Pitch Financials

Death Star – Mainstream Media Blogs, Commentators for The Empire

  1. Floyd Norris
  2. Felix Salmon
  3. Daily Finance
  4. MarketBeat
  5. Pony Blog
  6. The Deal Professor
  7. Tech Trader Daily
  8. FT Alphaville
  9. DealBook
  10. Huffington Post Business
  11. The Curious Capitalist
  12. Economix
  13. Street Sweep
  14. Deal Journal
  15. Freakonomics
  16. Planet Money
  17. The Deal
  18. Paul Krugman
  19. Financial Adviser
  20. Market Talk
  21. CNBC NetNet
  22. Beyond BRICs
  23. EconoChat
  24. The Buzz
  25. Term Sheet
  26. PE Hub
  27. footnoted
  28. Real Time Economics
  29. Forbes Blogs

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Season’s greetings

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With only a few trading days remaining, the curtain will soon be drawn on a year that has marked a remarkable turnaround in the global economy, propelling risky assets to levels pundits would not have dreamt of at the start of 2010.

The year has provided its fair share of surprises, making investment blogging a hugely fulfilling experience, i.e. to be able to share with readers, through the Investment Postcards site, my two cents’ worth of analysis on the events that defined the financial calendar. Thank you for your friendship and for allowing me into your lives with regular posts, and for your support and encouragement to successfully build the blogging site. (As an aside, if you are not already doing so  remember to also hook up with me on Facebook, Twitter and StockTwits for 24/7 investment snippets.)

Here’s wishing you and your family a blessed festive season full of fun, laughter and joy. May you have a wonderful 2011, and may all your wishes come true.

And now for a good laugh. In the spirit of the festive season, click here or on the image below to see a Christmas “production by the Du Plessis Family – Prieur, wife Isabel, daughter Monique (12) and son Jean (10).

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Source: JibJab

Back to the economy: As if the burden of the financial shenanigans has not been onerous enough, Santa will probably also not offer much respite this year!

Source: Daryl Cagle

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Investment Postcards – temporary snooze …

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My computer has decided to follow the example of financial markets and take a Christmas snooze. What a bummer! The latest bunch of posts can therefore unfortunately not be published today and will only appear on the site during the course of tomorrow.

As always, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

In the meantime, boys and girls, don’t get carried away by the avalanche of bullish stock market predictions for 2011, and remember to keep those tight stops in place and not to throw caution to the wind!

Hoping to connect again tomorrow (in between doing some last-minute shopping to add to the South African GDP).

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