Picture du Jour: US Long Bonds in Injury Time

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What is the outlook for US bonds, especially as yields have edged up since their recent lows? Considering both technical and fundamental factors, I conclude that continued base formation is likely, but that long-dated bond prices could be hit hard once yields adjust to more realistic levels. Be careful – we’re in injury time. […]

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Global stock markets – Index movements since highs (Part 2)

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I posted a scorecard for a number of global stock markets a week ago, showing the index movements since each of the respective market’s highs. This short post provides an update, but this time also showing returns in US dollar and euro rather than only in local currency terms. The bottom line: In times of crisis, correlations between stock markets increase and there is nowhere to hide. […]

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Shine On You Crazy Dimon

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Paul Kedrosky not only writes the top Infectious Greed blog, but he has also turned out to be no slouch as far as penning lyrics is concerned. Using Pink Floyd’s “Shine on Crazy Diamond” as base, here is his rewritten version of the criticisms and complaints JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon is getting for […]

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