Some like it hot

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By Jeremy Gardiner

“Never buy on credit what you can afford to pay for with cash.” Sage advice from previous generations, but unfortunately too often ignored in today’s relentless pursuit of instant gratification.

Equally ignored are words such as prudence and diversification. Unfortunately, the time to plan appropriately from a diversification […]

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Reuters SA Survey of Economists (May 2008)

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The May edition of the Reuters South African Survey of Economists has just been published. (The Econometer is a measure of economic sentiment drawn from a monthly poll of forecasts by leading economists in South Africa and abroad and presented in the form of an index. The index reflects the forecasters’ sentiment for […]

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Teachings from an investment legend – Bernard Baruch

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Bernard Baruch amassed a fortune as a stock market speculator and was recognized as one of Wall Street’s financial leaders in the first half of the previous century. His teachings are as valuable today as decades ago and are shared in this post. […]

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