Zimbabwe settlement – a cause for celebration?

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By Roelof Horne

Is the Zimbabwe settlement a cause for celebration? The answer is “yes”. But unfortunately, the yes is a whisper, not a roar. The people of Zimbabwe needed peace, and a power-sharing government should ensure that. For that, we celebrate with all Zimbabweans.

But the Zimbabwean economy needs more […]

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The Rand’s long and winding road

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By Cees Bruggemans

For over six years now, counting from mid-2002, the Rand has been 95% of the time in 6-8:$ territory. Can that kind of stability continue indefinitely?

Not really, finding ourselves today at 7.80-8.00:$, with a likely persistent current account deficit of 7%-8% of GDP (much closer to Kiwi’s 8% […]

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Words from the Wise: Gone Deal-making

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This weekend my “daytime” job – executive chairman of Cape Town-based investment management firm, Plexus Asset Management – requires my undivided attention to put a very exciting deal to bed. The bad news for my readers is that time does not permit compiling an edition of “Words from the Wise” today. […]

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