Stock market performance round-up: Nowhere to hide

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In the face of unrelentingly dismal economic reports, this post serves to put market movements around the globe in perspective. The post provides performance tables for various stock markets in both local currency and US dollar terms for different measurement periods ended February 28. […]

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Taylor Rule signals aggressive rate cuts

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By Cees Bruggemans, FNB

Estimating where interest rates should be:

According to Taylor’s Rule, the Prime Interest Rate should currently be:

Comment With the prime interest rate still lingering at 14%, the SARB is currently only 2.5% behind what a rough Taylor estimate suggests should be the interest rate […]

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Buffett’s Shareholders’ Letter Under the Magnifying Glass

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Warren Buffett’s 32nd annual Letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, released over the weekend, is one of those must-read reports that all investors should spend a few minutes perusing. It is essentially Buffett’s annual review of the various Berkshire Hathaway operations, but it also contains a treasure trove of wit and wisdom from the Oracle from Omaha. […]

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Europe on the ropes

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Analyzing the outlook for the European banking industry, guest contributor Niels Jensen said: “I have rarely, if ever, felt this apprehensive about the outlook. So, if the crisis has made you depressed already, don’t read any further. What is about to come, will make your heart sink.” This post does not make for pleasant reading, but is essential in order to grasp the essence of the European situation. […]

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