Max Keiser: Discussing Bailouts, Eastern Europe and Switzerland

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Along with guests Jim Rogers and Michael Hudson, this post features Max Keiser discussing angry bailout losers in the US, a “monetary Stalingrad” in Eastern Europe and whether Swiss banking can survive without tax cheats and money launderers. This is must-view material. […]

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The financial crisis explained in simple terms

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The intricacies of the financial crisis is not well understood by all and sundry. The explanation in this post arrived in my inbox just in time to share with you for light weekend reading and to assist in a humorous manner in debunking the myths of the crisis. […]

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Roubini Global Economics: Re-emergence of global protectionism

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This post features Nouriel Roubini’s team discussing the re-emergence of global protection, saying: “As governments around the world fight rising unemployment, falling exports and bank credit crunch, and several central banks are facing liquidity traps, many are turning to restrictions that privilege national producers. These populist measures attempt to minimize growth impact, social unrest and pain from the credit crunch that poses a risk to several ruling governments, especially those facing elections soon. Furthermore, some officials hope that such restrictions will reduce the leakage of the scarce funds used in bank bailouts and fiscal stimulus to other countries.” […]

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