Rebecca Wilder: Of course bank lending is stalling

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“The Wall Street Journal ran a story about reduced bank lending originating from those banks that received TARP monies. Frankly, I don’t know what kind of response the WSJ was going for, but I know what mine was: of course bank lending is stalling. Amid the precipitous economic decline, loan origination would likely be much worse had the banks not received capital injections. And in looking at the data, I noticed that another shoe might drop on consumer spending: home equity lines of credit are surging,” said quest contributor Rebecca Wilder, author of the News N Economics blog. […]

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Economic rate of decline slowing down?

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“Green shoots” and “glimmer of hope” are two phrases economists have recently started bandying around, referring to a slowing in the deterioration of a number of economic variables, i.e. that the global economic deterioration is likely bottoming out. The results of two surveys released over the past two days seem to back up the “green shoots” claims and are reported in this post. […]

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Gone fishing – to Dana Point, CA

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I will find myself in Dana Point, California over the next few days, attending a conference hosted by Rob Arnott & Research Affiliates. Posting will be slow while I am on the road and “Words” from the Wise” will take a break this coming Sunday (April 26). The normal blogging service will be resumed on my return to Cape Town by the middle of next week. […]

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