Bottom in sight for SA recession?

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By Cees Bruggemans

Our recession is probably hitting bottom about now (2Q2009) after a hair-raising plunge in 4Q2008 and a still smart decline in 1Q2009.

This, at least, is the pattern one gets when examining manufacturing and electricity output data.

Manufacturing, the biggest bungee jumper of them all, plunged in […]

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Credit Crisis Watch: Thawing – noteworthy progress

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Most indications are that the credit market tide has turned the corner on the back of the massive reflation efforts orchestrated by central banks worldwide and that the credit system has started thawing. However, although the convalescence process seems to be well on track, it still has a way to go before confidence in the financial system is restored and liquidity starts to move freely again. Read on for an update on the “Credit Crisis Watch” … […]

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