Credit Crisis Watch: Update – discount window borrowing declines

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Further evidence that the convalescence process is on track has just arrived in the form of data showing a sharp decline in primary institutions’ borrowing at the discount window. […]

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US stocks today versus 1938

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As investors debate the longevity of the nascent stock market advance, they are increasingly falling back on similar historical situations to glean perspective. A comparison of the current market and that of 1936 – 1938 makes for interesting reading. […]

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Zuma Era Achievements 2009-2019

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By Cees Bruggemans

A Zuma Presidency could surprise with some remarkably positive outcomes during its period of office.

Here follows a modest attempt at short-listing a few obvious outcomes to look out for, this in addition to any gains or losses from new policy emphasis, direction or efforts.

Given popular […]

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Disaster card

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Source: Tony Auth, Slate, April 13, 2009.

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