How to interpret the Dow Theory bull signal, according to Richard Russell

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There was a great deal of interest in my recent post “Dow Theory calls a bull market”. Readers had many questions on what brought about the Dow Theory bull signal, and specifically whether Richard Russell was the last bear standing when he replaced the bear on the first page of his daily newsletter with a long-horned Texas bull. Who better to ask for more background than the R man himself? […]

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Jeremy Grantham: Boring fair price!

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Jeremy Grantham has become a familiar and very popular face on this site. For those treasuring his insight, wisdom and prescient calls, he has just published the July edition of his quarterly newsletter, entitled Boring Fair Price. […]

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Battle hymn of the baby boomers

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Some light-hearted entertainment from singer/songwriter Bill Dyszel on a Tuesday morning … […]

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