Stock markets – what to do now

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Risk aversion has re-entered the investment equation with risky assets such as equities and commodities bearing the brunt of the selling orders, while gold bullion, government bonds, the US dollar and the yen are attracting safe-haven money. The global stock market pullback seems to be gathering momentum, and this post discusses what one should do at this juncture. […]

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The hamster on the wheel

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“Over the last 25+ years investors have benefitted from having a substantial tail wind in the form of strong economic growth combined with a benign inflationary environment. This has resulted in a substantial bull market in most asset classes. It is our contention that this period is well and truly over and the next few years will prove challenging for all investors. It will be a bumpy experience. Hold on tight,” said Niels Jensen in this guest blog. He outlines the most important factors investors should consider. […]

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What’s happening to the free market?

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The health care debate rages on … […]

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