Ron Paul: End the Fed

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Richard Russell, old-timer writer of the Dow Theory Letters, this morning had the following to say about the US Federal Reserve:

“We must never again allow a sinister group of individuals to seize control of our money system. The Founding Fathers foresaw the danger of paper money issued with no connection to gold. Moreover, it’s imperative that the discipline of gold be taught to all Americans so that the immoral concept of a Federal Reserve can never again be sneaked or thrust upon the American people.

“All Congressmen and Senators must be taught a class in money, fiat money, gold and the Constitution. The course must be mandatory. President Obama is said to have taught Constitutional law. As Obama surveys the Fed, and the results of fiat money in the US today, what in God’s name is he thinking?”

On cue, Ron Paul and Steve Forbes discuss what is encompassed by the congressman’s bill to audit the Fed.


Source: Forbes, January 9, 2010.

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4 comments to Ron Paul: End the Fed

  • Paul Larson

    If it wasn’t for what the Fed did in the fall of ’09, we would be in a depression at this moment. It amazes me how sophomoric as well as uninformed Ron Paul and his followers are. All twelve branches of the Federal Reserve banks and the Board are audited each year by outside accounting firms.

  • Chuck Scharf

    Whose payroll are you on, Mr. Larson?

  • Big Jim

    Au contraire, Mr. Larson; if it wasn’t for what The Fed did from 2001 (drop rates and ease the money supply), the housing bubble wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

  • Chris Norbury

    And how do I get a copy of all those audits for the past 97 years?

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