Thank you for the money!

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A little boy wanted to know what it was like to have $1, 000. His mother told him to pray to God for it. He prayed for two weeks but nothing turned up. Then he decided perhaps he should write God a letter requesting the $1,000.

When the post office received the letter addressed to God, they opened it and decided to send it to OBAMA. The President was so impressed, touched and amused that he instructed his secretary to send the little boy $20. He thought this would appear to be a lot of money to a little boy.

The little boy was delighted with the $20 and sat down to write a thank-you letter, which read as follows: “Dear God: Thank you very much for sending me the money. I noticed that you had to send it through the government. As usual, those thieves deducted $980 for tax.”

Source: Unknown.

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2 comments to Thank you for the money!

  • Garret Ihler

    Readers should beware of “humor” designed to discredit governments. The very few very rich feel it is in their interests to destabilize any institutions with the ability to control their destructive actions and in so doing they destabilize civilization. Like the Taliban they want society under their control, regardless of the consequences.

  • Daniel

    There is nothing wrong with any humour that discredits anybody. Many argue that Regan ushered in the 1980-2000 bull market on the back of supply side tax cuts. The USA was founded on the principle of the British government not giving them their due. Small businesses, account for the majority of hirings in the USA, so tax cuts to Mom and Pop firms are a legitimate point of view.

    Ron Paul is a constitutionalist politician, who has been gaining popularity on exactly the message of “limited government”.

    I think your views that a cartoon like this will bring about social disorder are polemical.

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