John Embry on why you should buy gold

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In this video, John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist at the Canadian firm Sprott Asset Management, discusses the reasons why people should own precious metals, and in particular gold and silver. In Embry’s view, gold will gain in importance as a monetary asset in the years ahead, likely regaining an official role in the world’s financial system.

Source: YouTube, May 17, 2011 (hat tip: Global Investor Blog).

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8 comments to John Embry on why you should buy gold

  • Jon in California

    Excellent. No matter how many times you explain this to people, most will not listen or will take no action. The whole too big to fail myth is stuck in peoples’ heads.

  • Alex

    It’s been obvious since even before the 2008 economic meltdown. World cannot expect to be saved from financial collapse by repeating the same experiments over and over again. We should have learned our lesson from 1929 and let free markets do their job. Now we’re in a point of no return: This generation will witness the end of paper currencies and the birth of a whole new monetary system.

    As Mr. Ruppert said:
    Fractional reserve bankin + Compound interest rates + Fiat currencies = Pyramid scheme (Ponzi Scheme)

  • Frank

    If you read the book, “Lords of Finance”, you will find it amazing how much “juggling” central bankers can do to avoid collapse of a nation’s currency & financial systems. So, yes, I agree that the world’s fiat currencies are headed for the dustbin of history, but don’t be surprised if it takes a lot longer than expected! Even Weimar Germany COULD have avoided its hyperinflation & slowly paid off its WWI debts, IF they wanted to… but they didn’t & preferred instead to “shoot themselves in the foot” to avoid their legal obligations. The end result was Hitler. I suppose when the present fiat world currency system finally collapses, we will end up with some sort of One World Currency & One World Order, which is what the central bankers & top political & financial elite want anyways. Absolute financial & political power at the top will corrupt absolutely. America’s only hope is to return to a small, limited Constitutional government, return to a gold/silver standard with a Constitutional Amendment forcing unwilling politicians to balance the Federal budget & start to pay down the debt. But that won’t happen.

  • What if We the Plebs (globally) simply REFUSE to buy or transact in gold, but ONLY in silver? It would make the ‘elite’ owners of gold rather useless, wouldn’t it?????

  • I mean, more useless than they already are…

  • More reasons why EVERYONE, around the world, should own physical silver:
    The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield
    I’m a Crazy Silver Bug…Why Aren’t You?
    Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver (Keiser Report, Episode #96)

  • If anyone reading this page hasn’t seen it yet – you MUST watch this:

    All the U.S. needs to do, is begin printing U.S. Notes, via the U.S. Treasury, and cut the Rothschild-owned Goldman Sucks’ (so-called) ‘Fed’eral ‘Reserve’ Bank out of the picture, entirely. No need, whatsoever, for a return to a gold standard – since, only the very rich own gold, and would simply re-gain control over any new (post-US Dollar) (global?) currency. Also, the reason why silver will become viewed as REAL money (again), is because 99.9999% of the world’s population are POOR. They can afford silver – but, very few can afford gold. Silver is also far more scarce than gold. The smart money is in SILVER (physical silver).

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