David Einhorn slams Ben Bernanke

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David Einhorn, hedge fund manager of Greenlight Capital, was on top form at the Ira Sohn Conference when he played a clip from Airplane II to illustrate his apprehension over the nation’s monetary policy.

The following from Business Insider:

“It’s a scene starring 80s model and actress Julie Hagerty as a stewardess, explaining to the passengers that the plane has been thrown off-course “just a tad …” (aka 500,000 miles) and that the navigation system has been shattered and can’t seem to change course.

“When she admits that they’re also out of coffee, there’s a mutiny on board! Signs around the cabin start flashing, “Don’t Panic.”

Followed swiftly by smoke and flames, and a flashing light with the updated advisory: “Ok, Panic!”

Over the P.A system, stewardess Jules says: “Listen to me, your crew is complete control of the situation.”

And the cabin signs start flashing, “BULLSHIT.”


After the clip played, Einhorn quipped: “Did anybody else notice that Julie Hagerty looks a little like Ben Bernanke?”

Here’s the clip:

Source: Business Insider, May 26, 2011.

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1 comment to David Einhorn slams Ben Bernanke

  • Keith Piccirillo

    Mets, JOE, MSFT and now this, what’s next? How many David Einhorns’s are there anyway?

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