Laugh out Loud: Debt limit – a guide to American Federal debt made easy

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This post features a satirical short film, taking a look at the U.S. national debt and how it applies to just one family. The film was produced by Seth William Meier, starring Brian Stepanek (also writer and director) and Eddie Jemison.

Source:, January 5, 2012.

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3 comments to Laugh out Loud: Debt limit – a guide to American Federal debt made easy

  • Bert McLachlan

    It couldn’t be said better! Hilarious!!

  • innertrader

    Amazingly perfect!

  • Ted Feely

    Hilarious. Informative.

    But, ultimately mis-informs and mis-educates.

    It implies that the US national debt is about borrowing to consume. And, consume ultimately frivolous items.

    It mis-educates by failing to show a scenario where borrowing is being done for real investment purposes – where the result down the road is expected to be a real return on investment.

    Investment in education, energy, and infrastructure can all fit this relatively easily.

    Here’s a scenario: The bank is called USAbank. The loan officer is Eric Cantor dressed up as Uncle Sam. Sitting across the desk is a person with no income trying to borrow money to go to college. Cantor’s dialogue could be hilarious. e.g., “You know the government is incapable of doing anything worthwhile.” etc. “I can’t make a loan to you. I’m too busy making loans to the wealthy so I’m just tapped out.” etc. “I can’t ask them to pay back the loan! How ridiculous would that be!” etc.

    On second thought: This is not a very funny scenario. It’s kind of nauseous.

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