What the next decade holds for commodities

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“What will happen over the next 10 years? asks Frank Holmes. “I believe the supercycle of growth across emerging markets will continue with rising urbanization and income rates. This bodes well for commodities, especially copper, coal, oil and gold, and we’ll continue to focus on companies that will benefit the most from these much-needed resources.” […]

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Wealthtrack: Peter Fisher and Dan Fuss – scouring the world for income

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On this week’s WealthTrack, Consuelo Mack interviews Loomis Sayles’ Dan Fuss and BlackRock’s Peter Fisher. These two influential financial investment managers discuss the risks and opportunities in U.S., Europe and Emerging Markets. […]

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“U.S. would enter a secular deflationary bear market accompanied by continued deleveraging,” says Comstock

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This guest report essentially explains why we Comstock is so bearish on the stock market. “It is due to all these avenues we pursued as a country to stem the decline in assets caused by the bursting of the Dot Com bubble,” says the report. “This left the country with enormous debt which will have to be deleveraged over the next few years. Also, the path we took in 2002 to 2007 left us with the two main drivers of the economy (the consumer and housing) crippled at a time when we desperately need a strong recovery and continued growth.” […]

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Daily market update (Jan 13, 2012): Caution warranted

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Adam Hewison, charting strategist of INO/Market Club, brings you another edition of his invaluable service of daily technical market updates. These analyses give you an overall perspective of market conditions, highlight a few key movers, and discuss how current events are affecting investment strategy. Click through to hear Adam’s latest views on gold, silver, the US Dollar Index, the CRB Index, crude oil and the S&P 500 Index. […]

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Prieur’s Readings (Jan 14, 2012)

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As part of my daily routine, I publish all my reading (including snippets from other well-known commentators) in an Internet newspaper, “Investment Postcards Daily”. Click through to read the latest edition and register for a free subscription. […]

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European countries should be downgraded further, argues Marc Faber

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Marc Faber, editor and publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report, discusses the S&P downgrades of France and other European countries. He believes they should be downgraded even further. […]

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