Running 2012 NYC Marathon – a means to a better life for impoverished children

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I will be participating in the 2012 New York City Marathon on 4 November as a fundraiser for A Running Start Foundation and I need your support.

Formed in 2004, the Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to using the power of sport to improve the lives of African children. Large parts of the continent are impoverished yet are home to the world’s greatest store of running talent. The Foundation’s mission is to harness this talent in order to allow more of the children to earn a U.S. university education from their athletic gift, to leverage sport to inspire local children to stay in school and enable more talented young athletes to earn a living from sport.

I am raising money for this very important cause by participating in the NYC Marathon and am asking you to help by making a contribution. Please use the link below to donate online – quickly and securely. You will receive e-mail confirmation of your donation and I will also be notified.

I thank you in advance for your support and really appreciate your generosity!

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2 comments to Running 2012 NYC Marathon – a means to a better life for impoverished children

  • Dr. James Coulthurst

    You are an aging, balding man who did not pay enough attention in language class to know that the possessive case of Plessis is Plessis’. It is certainly not Plessis’s as you show on your home page. You only have so many heartbeats left old man, and I see no reason for you to accelerate them at this point. Give some funding to the charity and stay at home on November 4 th.

  • @ Dr James Coulthurst: Fowler’s Modern English Usage (the ultimate authority on the English language) states that names ending in “s” and any foreign name with an unpronounced final “s” (like Du Plessis) require a final “s” after the apostrophe. Thus: Du Plessis’s.

    Awaiting your donation, young man!

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